If you say the flower of international logistics is
forwarding, trucking, warehousing and custom
clearance are its stems and roots. Beautiful flower
comes from its solid root/stem. The reason of our
strength is right here. We are running our forwarding
operations based on this trucking, warehousing and
custom clearance's know-how through 20 years
The key point of general exim cargoes' operation is
harmonious connection between each connecting
points. Our staff and workers are working in each
sea and airport, so, we handle our cargoes by
ourselves directly. Therefore we are able to report
our customer the detail(live) informations whatever
and wherever you want. Foreign business trip(fact
finding tour) for customer service is our routine job


Whether you can handle project or heavy cargo
successfully or not, it depends on your actual
handling exp rience. Our staffs have experience of
dismantling foreign factory and then moved and
assembled it to the other country by turn key base.
We also have successful experiences of
loading/unloading super heavy and over size
machines even from very small fish boat port
withoutany fixed facilities. We have many kinds of
experiences and data from super computer's air
plane charter to air-bed transportation time setting
that is taken humidity and temperature into account.
You can achieve your triangle transport
successfully through exact communication and
enough field survey with your foreign partners with
no error permission. We discuss and reach
decision directly in the field with our project
professional foreign partners who have more than
100 years of history and are kept steps with for more
than 10 years.
For offer our customers the lowest price and the
best service, we console our own cargoes and
have good relations with other consolidators. We
also have very good relation with vessel company
even in foreign resident members. So, you can get
the fresh information from abroad.
For the perfect service to our customers, we
introduce cargo tracing system and offer our
customers the detail cargo information which is
currently in where and at which point your cargo